• Stayed Down3:12
  • Savage4:03
  • Jet Fuel4:22
  • My Bruda 3:27

I was born James Eugene Hill the fourth. Jan 29th 1992.in Tallahassee. We then relocated to Wildwood Florida, where I eventually received my inspiration to pursue my music career. My name was legally changed as well, James ( b.K.a.) Acezz.
  Mrs Dee Ragar, English teacher for all freshmen classess, pushed and pushed me to accel in not only her class, in life and anything I put my mind to.
  Over the years, I developed a drive and passion to become a professional recording artist. I released my first mixtape at 16 and never stopped pursuing a dream. I followed my debut tape with flight status, city crises, and my latest ,( Acezz ) self-entiled. I than signed a contract with producer Percival Wallace at PstunnaProductionsLlc.
In my current networking days, my focus is towards FloodDablockEnt, CustomVocalzl, and CEO Geek-TheHot. We ended up
Working right on the spot. I will now be featured on their latest mixtape series "Starving Artists (R&B Hip-Hop Edition). We will be hitting the airways soon courtesy on DJ Charlie Brown & Geek. This will be my first on air interview with over 50,000 listeners tuned in. I'm looking to bridge the two labels to come up with the best way possible for me to provide for my ten month old daughter (Adelinde) and my woman.
Following my son passing, 10-1-14 (Jayden Hayes Green) I directed my focus entirely towards success due to stressful and emotional struggles. Raising Adeline, having a full time 9-5 and continuing my artist career, isn't easy but with motivation and determination I've become a rising artist. I have a few credentials in my resume with nomination for rookie of the year (Gainesville hip hop awards), performing in front of Major producer Drumlord, Rudeboy Clothing ( Asia) ( magazine write up as well. To say the least a partnership with
CEO Geek-The Hot of FlooddDaBlockEnt & Custom Vocalz My story is just beginning, and far from over.